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Statesboro STEAM Academy Policy Manual
Fiscal Policy Manual

View the current policies and procedures for Statesboro STEAM Academy.

Statesboro STEAM Academy Student Handbook
What Parents Need to Know
Standards Based Grading

Become familiar with the student code of conduct and other information for parents and students.

Statesboro STEAM Academy Faculty Handbook

View current faculty and staff information.

Statesboro STEAM Academy Grievance Form

Use the form to launch a formal complaint to the director or school's governing board.



Statesboro STEAM Academy does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, disability, age or sex/gender. In keeping with the school’s commitment and the requirements of applicable state and federal laws, the Governing Board, the school, and its employees will ensure that there is no discrimination in regard to employment; assignment, and promotion of personnel; educational services, and opportunities offered to students; educational materials; and all business transactions conducted by the Governing Board.

Frequently Asked Questions


What grades does Statesboro STEAM CCAT serve?

Statesboro STEAM serves grades K-12. Currently accepting only 5th grade for elementary.


Is Statesboro STEAM  a public school?

Yes. Statesboro STEAM is a public charter school that offers a STEAM-based blended learning model, funded by the state of Georgia and authorized by the State Charter Schools Commission.


How does a student become enrolled at Statesboro STEAM?

To become enrolled, the student's parent has to submit an application on the website or at the school. If there are open slots, the student will begin the enrollment process. If there are no slots available, the student is placed on a waiting list for a lottery admission when spots become available. 


What is the yearly schedule like for Statesboro STEAM?

Statesboro STEAM begins school in July and ends in May, with mini-breaks throughout the school year.


What is the weekly schedule like for Statesboro STEAM?

Statesboro STEAM school hours are from 9 am-3:40 pm Monday-Thursday and 9 am-12:30 pm on Friday. Students in need of additional remediation or enrichment receive these services during the school day and again from 3:45-4:30 pm.


What time can students be dropped off and picked up?

Students can be brought to school starting at 7:00 am and can be picked up no later than 6 pm Monday-Thursday, and at 7:00 am and can be picked up no later than 4 pm on Friday.


Is there a cost to attend Statesboro STEAM?

No, there is not a cost to attend Statesboro STEAM. Statesboro STEAM Academy is a tuition-free public school of choice. However, there are parents that choose to provide a $100 student activity contribution that goes toward activities that are outside of the generally provided educational experiences provided at the school. The contribution also offsets the costs of other additional planned activities that enhance the student's educational experience.


Does Statesboro STEAM provide transportation?

Statesboro STEAM does not provide transportation services to and from school. However, parents that are in need of assistance in getting their children to and from school can see the Director for options that may help the family with this issue.


Does Statesboro STEAM have a lunch program?

Statesboro STEAM does not have a lunch program. Students will need to bring their lunch to school daily or make arrangements for lunch. Students also have the option of ordering lunch each day at a cost of $5 per day from one of the chosen vendors. Statesboro STEAM also maintains a food pantry for students.


What is the difference between Statesboro STEAM and other public schools in Statesboro?

Statesboro STEAM is a public charter school authorized by the State Charter Schools Commission. Statesboro STEAM must adhere to a contract granted by the State Charter Schools Commission that allows for greater flexibility in how students are educated and how the school is operated in return for a better educational experience and outcomes for the students that it serves.

How does Statesboro STEAM evaluate student performance?

Statesboro STEAM Academy uses Standards-Based Grading to evaluate student performance. You can read more about it here.


Is Statesboro STEAM governed by the local board of education?

No. Like most charter schools, Statesboro STEAM is governed by a governing board of appointed members of the community and elected members of the school community that serve on the board for the sole purpose of ensuring accountability and oversight.

The Statesboro STEAM Governing Board meets monthly in order to provide continuous oversight of the organization's affairs and to assure accountability of management in the day-to-day activities, management of financial and other resources, and the fulfillment of the school's mission and vision.

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