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As we prepare for the new year, one of our priorities is always student health and safety while at school. While we are gearing up for a full return to our normal activities, we are still keeping our previous years' health and safety protocols in place. Most of our school's COVID-19 protocols have not changed. Masks will remain optional. Students will also continue to be subject to temperature checks upon entry into the school. Per Centers for Disease Control and Georgia Department of Public Health guidelines, all persons with a positive COVID-19 diagnosis are required to isolate. Students and staff who have had direct exposure to COVID-19 while attending school or participating in school activities may be exempt from quarantine, provided they remain symptom-free and do not test positive for COVID-19. Mask-wearing for 10 days following direct exposure is recommended but not required. We ask that everyone continue to use the Student Health Form to report all possible illnesses.

Please stay up to date with guidance from the CDC and Georgia Department of Public Health as we will be following the guidance from these entities in our ultimate decision-making.

CDC Website Guidance

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