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Statesboro STEAM Academy
Dragon Chips
Wheel Spin Details


STEAM Wheel SPIN Prizes

Below, you will find more details about the STEAM Wheel prizes.

Pizza with Friends

Have a pizza party with friends. Order 2 large pizzas to share with your friends during lunch. This can be used during the week, Monday - Thursday. Please submit your order to Ms. Tia by 11 AM.

Half Day Thursday

No more classes after 4th period. To use this you must redeem your card by 10:30 of the day you plan to use it. You can only submit one Half-Day Thursday per month. 

15 Min. Break +

Add an additional 15 minutes to the break. You must submit this during the break you would like to extend. It must happen before the last song of the break stops. This can be used Monday-Friday.

Field Trip with Friends

Go on a field trip with three of your friends. You may choose to go on a field trip anywhere within a 1-hour drive of Statesboro. You will need to plan the trip, choose an adult chaperone, and secure permission forms in order to go. All trips must have a 48-hour notice and can take place Monday-Thursday.

Movie Time

Treat yourself and some friends to a movie. You will receive one AMC card ($70 value) that you can use to purchase movie tickets and snacks for you and your pals.

Blind Choice

The mystery prize of all mystery prizes. You will get a prize but it will be a mystery.

You've Got Mail

Check your email to see what you have earned. It is important that you know you will have a limited time to claim your prize!

Friday Takeover

Take Friday on a wild ride. Fridays will never be the same with this prize floating around. Submit this card before 9 AM to redeem and see where the Friday goes!

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