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Statesboro STEAM Academy Lesson Planning

As you prepare to plan your lessons, please keep in mind the major tenets of the Statesboro STEAM Academy educational philosophy and instructional delivery model. These are things by which each teacher will be evaluated. In your plans, please be sure that you demonstrate an understanding of the academic content expected to be delivered and aligned with the Georgia Standards of Excellence. All plans must include the following:


  • a minimum of two station-rotation components each week, demonstrating a strong command of the blended learning practices.

  • unit objectives clearly identified

  • a clearly defined understanding of content standards

  • evidence of ability to differentiate instruction appropriately

  • creative implementation of the arts

Lesson Plan
Modified Lesson Plan

Ensuring that you fulfill this responsibility with fidelity and efficiency serves as a part of your commitment to the Statesboro STEAM Academy brand, the instructional delivery model, and the philosophy on which the Statesboro STEAM Academy's mission is founded.

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