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Statesboro STEAM College, Careers, Arts and Technology Academy will evoke a sense of pride and ownership in the love for learning and the adventure of growing beyond self to enhance individual success by putting students first and encouraging them to push past all perceived limits to reach their ultimate goals. Through experiences with Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math; Statesboro STEAM Academy will give students the tools necessary to compete in the world and be ready for a career field that accentuates their individual talents.

Shaping the future and making a difference by being DIFFERENT!

1718 Northside Dr. E

Statesboro, GA 30458

(912) 764-5888

(912) 489-8493 fax 

CEEB Code: 112802

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Accredited with Quality

by the Georgia Accrediting Commission.


A state charter school approved by the State Charter Schools Commission.


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Statesboro STEAM Academy

1718 Northside Dr. E

(912) 764-5888

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