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US History

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US History


Adrienne Dobbs

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U.S. History provides a comprehensive overview of the history of the United States, surveying the major events and turning points of U.S. history as it moves from the America's cultural roots through modern times. As students examine each era of history, they will analyze primary sources and carefully research events to gain a clearer understanding of the factors that have shaped U.S. history. In early units, students will assess the foundations of U.S. democracy while examining crucial documents. In later units, students will examine the effects of territorial expansion, the Civil War, and the rise of industrialization. they will also assess the outcomes of economic trends and the connections between culture and government. As the course draws to a close, students will focus on the causes of cultural and political change in the modern age. Throughout the course, students will learn the importance of cultural diversity while examining history from different perspectives.

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